Richard Dutcher will personally read and analyze your screenplay and will respond with his notes and feedback. He will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay, its formatting, narrative, characters, dialogue, etc. With Mr. Dutcher's experienced,  professional appraisal, you will soon have your script ready to submit to producers, agents, and bankable talent. Screenplays can be submitted via email or, if you prefer, you may mail a printed copy. (Mr. Dutcher will write on the hard copy and return it with his notes or, preferably, will add script notes to your fdx file.) Please include your contact information in the "Special Instructions" section of your order. Mr. Dutcher will personally contact you with submission instructions within seven days of your order. Screenplays must be in standard screenplay format and must be no longer than 130 pages. Longer scripts or unformatted scripts will require an additional fee.

Richard Dutcher is the author of over 30 screenplays, eight of which have been produced, with seven more currently in active development by directors such as John McTiernan ("Die Hard," "Predator," "The Hunt for Red October") and producers such as George Folsey, Jr. ("The Blues Brothers," "The Twilight Zone," "Hostel").

"Richard Dutcher has worked with me on five screenplays. He is the best writer not living in Hollywood and if he lived there he'd be one of the best. No genre is beyond his talent!" - George Folsey, Jr. (producer The Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf in London, The Twilight Zone)


"Getting script analysis from Richard Dutcher has become a standard part of the screenwriting process for my writing partner and I. Dutcher’s knowledge of character, story structure and the purest form of storytelling is uncanny and his instincts are spot on. Dutcher has unlocked magic in a script that we thought was bulletproof and we ended up rewriting the entire third act… now it’s bulletproof.”  - Jason de Villiers

"Richard Dutcher has joined the ranks of the very best independent filmmakers in the world." - Wade Major, BoxOffice Magazine

"Dutcher is a wunderkind of truly terrifying potential." - Michael Medved, Eye on Entertainment

"Richard Dutcher is my secret weapon.  He is one of the most talented writers in the business.  He has written or contributed to a dozen scripts for me.  He always delivers the goods and still manages to surprise me. If you're an aspiring screenwriter, you'll learn more from Dutcher's feedback than you will in any screenwriting class. If you're a producer who's about to go into production on your film, don't even think twice. His feedback will save you thousands of dollars in production costs and will give you a more marketable movie." - Rocco DeVilliers (Producer/Director "The Flyboys")