Are you ready to make your first full-length film? On Saturday, December 2, 2017, independent filmmaker Richard Dutcher will host an all-day seminar in Salt Lake City: "Making Your First Feature Film." The seminar will also be available "live" online for out of state participants. On Saturday, Dec. 2, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Dutcher will screen his very first film, GIRL CRAZY (1997). He will discuss in depth the challenges of pre-production, production, post-production, distribution, etc, for a low-budget independent feature film. He'll talk openly about the things he did right as a first time producer/director, the things he did wrong, how things have changed, etc. Mr. Dutcher will answer questions and will speak in depth about writing, directing, producing, budgeting, everything you need to know to make your first full-length feature film.

GIRL CRAZY, a feature-length comedy that launched Richard Dutcher's directorial career, was made for only $55,000. Dutcher sold it to HBO and Cinemax. The film has not been available commercially since 2001.  GIRL CRAZY was rated PG-13 for TV.

The Location: C.A.M.P.U.S. 137 West 4640 South Salt Lake City (Murray) UT 84107

The Time: 10 a.m.

Reserve your seat! Attendance will be limited to 12 participants for the "live" workshop.


Since exploding onto the scene with his sleeper independent hit GOD'S ARMY, Dutcher has quietly established himself as one of our bravest, most versatile and successful independent filmmakers.

Few independent filmmakers are as truly independent as Richard Dutcher. From his first feature, GIRL CRAZY (1997), to his latest, THE BOYS AT THE BAR (2018), Dutcher's remarkable versatility has been on display as writer, director, editor, producer, and frequently as a lead or supporting actor.

Though perhaps best known as "the Father of Mormon Cinema" because of his early Mormon-themed films, he left the church in 2007 over theological differences. Some critics have noted that the progressive complexity of his films, from the acclaimed murder mystery BRIGHAM CITY (2001) through the gritty urban drama STATES OF GRACE (2005) seem to reflect his own journey toward a more universalistic worldview. Today Dutcher, praised as "a wunderkind of truly terrifying potential" by Michael Medved, is unaffiliated with any religion. If pressed about his religious leanings, he will only respond, "I'm a friend to all religions, but I belong to none." Despite a vitriolic backlash from many Mormons after his separation from the LDS Church, Dutcher remains friendly toward his former religious community.

Dutcher's first film, a $55,000 romantic comedy called GIRL CRAZY, was sold to HBO and Cinemax, but the five year process of raising funds, making, and selling the movie was so grueling for the filmmaker that he promised "to never again risk and sacrifice so much on something so trivial." Soon afterward he produced, wrote, directed and starred in GOD'S ARMY, a $250,000 drama based on his two years as a missionary in Mexico. The movie went on to gross nearly 3 million at the box office, launching a robust independent film industry in Utah and forever stamping Dutcher with the title "The Father of Mormon Cinema."

"BRIGHAM CITY got rave reviews, including from the New York Times," he has said. "The Seattle Times called STATES OF GRACE one of the best spiritually themed films ever made. But I could never get audiences to look past the Mormon label. This was tremendously difficult for me, because though I was certainly wrestling with the spiritual concerns within a Mormon context, I never intended for these movies to be exclusively for Mormons, any more than Spielberg intended SCHINDLER'S LIST to be exclusively for Jews."

Dutcher's follow up to STATES OF GRACE was his most personal, and his personal favorite, FALLING (2007). It was hailed as "ingenious" (Daily Variety) and "Explosive! One of the best pictures of its kind in recent memory." (The Los Angeles Times). The L.A. City Beat called it "a primal scream from an immensely talented artist."

Long overdue for a DVD and Blu-Ray release, Dutcher has stated that it will be available for purchase in late 2018.

Also upcoming from Dutcher is a horror film, EVIL ANGEL, and a comedy, THE BOYS AT THE BAR, both expected at theaters in late 2018.