Auditing writers will have access to the live streams of each class. Any missed classes can be accessed for viewing or repeat viewing the day following each class.

Auditing writers will receive the same training. The only difference is that Mr. Dutcher will not be able to read and respond to the auditing writers' work, nor will the work of the auditing writers be read and critiqued by the other members of the class.

Starting Wednesday JUNE 28 (and for the final time!), screenwriter and independent filmmaker RICHARD DUTCHER (Evil Angel, Falling, Boys at the Bar, States of Grace, Brigham City, God's Army, Girl Crazy) will teach an 8 Week Screenwriting Course. For the first time, provided there is a sufficient number of out-of-state students, this course will also be broadcast live to paying students only. Due to the workload required of Mr. Dutcher to read and respond to the writing, class size is limited. Enrollment will close after 20 students have purchased the class.

Richard Dutcher is the author of 9 produced screenplays, and several as yet unproduced screenplays. His very first completed screenplay, "Romantic Notions" was selected as a semi-finalist in the prestigious Nichol Fellowship competition sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As a "writer-for-hire," Dutcher was recently hired by director John McTiernan (Die Hard, Hunt for Red October, Predator) to rewrite action screenplays for production. He has also been hired to write for producer George Folsey, Jr. (An American Werewolf in London, The Blues Brothers, The Twilight Zone, etc.). Dutcher is an experienced and respected writer who knows his craft, and this class is a rare opportunity to learn from a successful, working screenwriter.

He is currently in post-production on his newest film, "The Boys at the Bar." Boxoffice Magazine boasts that "Dutcher has joined the ranks of the very best independent filmmakers in the world," and film critic Michael Medved has claimed that "Dutcher is a wunderkind of truly terrifying potential."

Dutcher - giving his unique perspective as not only a screenwriter, but also as an experienced director and producer - will take each student through the entire screenwriting process. If you do the work, YOU WILL finish the class with a completed and polished screenplay ready to shop to agents and producers. Of the previous class of 23 student writers, 16 completed their screenplays before the end of the course. Two of those students, John Hatch and Lara Candland Asplund, became finalists for the Sundance Screenwriting Lab. One of the students, John Hatch, was a semi-finalist in the Academy’s Nichol Fellowship competition. Students in this class also won the following awards at the Utah Women in Film Short Screenplay Competition: FIRST PLACE (Lori Vodi Rupard), SECOND PLACE (Nicholas West), THIRD PLACE (Mel Cowley), and the CREATIVE MERIT AWARD (Maritta Coppieters).

You will learn how to write and present a screenplay that will have what it takes to attract producers, agents, and actors. You will learn what to do, and what NOT to do, how to format and present your screenplay, how to create memorable characters on the page, how to write good dialogue, how to master story structure, how to rewrite your work, how to give and receive constructive criticism of your work, how to register and protect your work, and how to overcome writer's block. In short, you will learn how to write a lean, mean screenplay that will stand out from all the garbage that producers, agents, and actors commonly receive. In 8 weeks, you can walk away with the confidence of an experienced screenwriter and a script that is ready to place in the hands of even the most experienced producers.

The Salt Lake City Boot Camp will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. Location to be announced soon.

In addition to the classes, weekly gatherings (that have become known as "Porch Readings") will be held Sunday evenings. Completed professional screenplays, as well as student work, will be read and critiqued at the porch readings. The porch readings are optional, but those students who attend find them invaluable.

This will be an intense class. If you are not serious about screenwriting, or if you are not willing to put in several hours of writing each week, PLEASE do not attend.

The tuition is $350.00, all of which is due upon registration. The tuition is $200.00 for auditing writers.


1. A pencil or pen.

2. Paper.

3. Access to a computer or, hell, even a typewriter.

4. An idea, no matter how basic, that you think would make a good movie.

That's really all you're going to need. But it will save you an enormous amount of time if you also have screenwriting software. Dutcher uses and prefers Movie Magic Screenwriter, but also writes on Final Draft.


Go to the store at richarddutcher.com and buy the course. If you're on this page, you're probably already here.

"Nobody knows more about filmmaking than Richard Dutcher." - Independent filmmaker Trent Harris (The Beaver Trilogy, Plan 10 From Outer Space)


"I was never able to write a screenplay worth more than two cents until I took this class. With Richard as my mentor, I was able to complete a producible script out of literal thin air. You MUST take this class if you want to be able to write ANYTHING of actual value. Trust me on this, I say this from experience. Richard has been the greatest mentor in this business for me. Without this class, I would have NEVER thought I could actually write a screenplay. Take this course. It changed my entire outlook on life, and all for the better." - David Williams, screenwriter of "I F*cking Hate L.A."

"If you are lucky enough to get in, you'll learn screenwriting the right way." - Glenn Gregory, screenwriter of "Truth and Consequences"

"Richard Dutcher's no-nonsense approach to the craft of screenwriting is applicable to the novice and professional alike. With his Bootcamp approach you will more importantly begin to write -ALOT. You will also begin to build an important sense of community with other writers. I recommend attending the readings outside of regular classwork. Immerse yourself in this process and you will never view film in the same way again."

Cory C. Dangerfield ~ Actor, Director, Screenwriter of "A Home on the Sea"

"As a professional writer, I can honestly say this class has been the most valuable educational experience of my career. Dutcher's candor, intelligence, and accessibility make the class an exceptional environment for growth and development as a writer. I can't recommend him highly enough." - Audrey Rock, screenwriter of "Rabid"

"Richard took a group of (mostly) amateur writers, and in ten weeks had them prepared to face the world of professional screenwriting. During the length of his class, not only did I finish a screenplay, but I had completed three drafts! One of the most invaluable things we learned in class was the ability to take criticism with grace. This is a needed attribute in any art field, but especially the ruthless movie biz. Are you prepared to have your art torn apart by producers in Los Angeles? If you have any doubts, Richard's class will cure your fears. Richard will push your creative limits in ways you didn't think possible. All the while, he is positive and supportive. " - Nicholas West, screenwriter of "Vampire Pussycat, Kill, Kill"

"I love the smell of ink-jet in the morning so I was dying to be schooled in the art of script. Learning condensed lessons and at Richard's behest I walked away with first place in the UWIF short screenplay contest 2011. I've also achieved a lifelong goal; I wrote my first full-length feature. Thanks Richard, my Alma Pater. ~ It never would've happened without you." - Lorri Vodi Rupard, screenwriter of "Undetermined Major"

"If you are interested in learning to write screenplays, then you should absolutely take a chance on getting into Richard Dutcher's next class! I learned so much and it was worth every penny!" - Brook Nuttall, screenwriter of "Behind the Seams"

"I had never attempted to write a screenplay, so I was a virgin to the whole process. The first week in class, Richard made me feel very confident that I could be successful, if I did the work. I did the work and can proudly say that I have a real screenplay of my creation. Richard was more than a great teacher, he is an inspiration. Every week he shared invaluable information and his honest opinion. This class changed my life! I don't think it should be recommended, I think it should be required." - Kathryn Lever, screenwriter of "The Coming"

"At first glance, Richard Dutcher's screenwriting boot camp appears to be geared toward the budding writer. And it certainly does that. For the inexperienced screenwriter, it covers what you need to know in an intense, concise way.

Students can go into the experience clueless, with nothing but a desire and a basic talent for writing, and come out completely transformed into a serious and accomplished screenwriter.

But the experienced screenwriter can find just as much value in it. It's an opportunity to hone one's skill, not only with technical and artistic guidance from Richard, but with valuable critiques from discerning colleagues who were hand-picked from the crowd before even being accepted into the program.

It provides an inspiring environment where your creative passions are fed and nurtured, your commitment to write is renewed, and you find yourself being more productive than you may have been.

Beginners come away with an awareness of how to write and a polished screenplay. Experienced participants come away with polished skills, an invigorated commitment to their profession, and if they're smart and industrious, two or three accomplished screenplays.

Richard teaches from the standpoint of experience and reality, not warmed-over theory from book-learning. It's an honor to be accepted, and when you are, you know you've entered a professional environment." - D. Michael Martindale, screenwriter of "Mary and Joseph"

"I am a film grad from the University of Utah and I can vouch for the fact that you will learn more in Richard's class than you will at the U." - Brett Bigelow, screenwriter of "The Vigilant"

"When Richard announced his intention to teach a screenwriting class, I wanted to be in it. I submitted the first draft of a short film I had written a week before. When I was accepted into the class, the thought crossed my mind that I was going to sit at the feet of the master of film in Utah.

Since class has started, my view of Richard has changed. He is no longer the ambiguous, mysterious genius he once was. Now he is an affable, wise, candid friend and mentor. I will look back on my experiences in his class as key turning point in my journey as a filmmaker.

Richard's class filled with experience, expertise and good humor. His notes are clean, clear and precise. Richard strives to break down my preconceived notions and bad habits of an amateur and immature filmmaker. This is the chief benefit I take from Richard's class.

It should also be said that Richard is the most kind, humble, funny and versatile filmmaker I have met personally. Too many in our small community are arrogant, self-absorbed and mean spirited. Richard embodies the antithesis of these lesser filmmakers.

In short, should you choose to learn from Richard, be forewarned that he will elevate your work, give you confidence, make you smile and reaffirm your passion for film. There are few qualities I value more in a teacher." - Danny Chadwick, screenwriter of "Scarlet Skies"